Michele – Malvern

There were some challenges due limited roof space and roof obstructions. With a double storey installation, it is important to use products with low failure rate as warranty replacements will be more challenging in future. The customer also had a bad experience with a solar company and was conscious to use someone she could trust.

Olwyn – Ferny Creek

Customer resides in an area of widespread shading and also requires battery back-up capability due to frequent and extended grid power outages.

Gary – Boronia

Gary wanted to go with a local company with a good reputation. His roof presented some restrictions with design due to limited roof space, orientation of panels and some shading from trees and obstructions on his roof.

Tradie Wraps By MotoSign goes Green!

Recently we assisted local company, TradieWraps go green on their Kilsyth HQ! Knowing that they only use the best materials possible for their motor vehicle wraps (we know first hand how good their stuff is!) It only made sense for business owner Matt to choose quality products by a reputable installer when it came to […]

Turn the Corner

Commercial premise – the business needed to remain open and operating while the solar system was being installed. We were required to attend and schedule the power shut down outside of business hours, so their clients were not adversely affected by the installation.

Knox & District Woodworkers Club

As a community men’s group they wanted to engage a local company. As it is a council building there was additional requirement to provide proof of all licences and insurances. Installation was done over 2 days, with impending rain and no interruption to the group’s activities.