The next generation of pool heating

For over 15 years, Aquaheat have been passionate leaders in energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling, tailored to the Australian environment

Aquaheat is the next generation of pool heating. As one of the quietest systems on the market with up to 90% of free energy to save you money, you can’t go wrong with the latest engineering technology in pool heating and cooling equipment for Australian conditions.

The heat pump works by absorbing energy in the air, extracting heat from the environment and then directs it into the swimming pool. It doesn’t need to be a hot day, as energy exists in the air at any temperature. Around 70-90% of energy needed to run the heat pump comes from the air and the rest is supplied from the electricity. Running the heat pump predominately from air significantly reduces the cost of heating your pool.

Aquaheat is equipped with InverPad Technology. It is the quietest and most energy efficient inverter pool heating solution on the market, so you won’t have any noise complaints from neighbours or the family. Not only does the InverPad provide the quietest system, it also reduces energy consumption by an average of 90%. The energy used to heat the swimming pool is drawn from the ambient air.

No one wants to be relaxing by their pool listening to the noise of the heat pump. Thankfully that is no longer a problem with an Aquaheat pump. An Aquaheat pump sounds from 36.8dB. Operating at a noise level between ‘whisper quiet’ and ‘a quiet library’, the only noise you will hear is ice splashing in your cocktail.

Noise levels

Reduce your electricity consumption and lower your bills

Using the industry leading efficient Stepless DC inverter control system means Aquaheat will reduce your electricity consumption and lower your bills. The system heats the water quickly and once the pool is warm, it runs at low speed to maintain warmth.

Coefficient of Performance (COP) refers to efficiency of heating and cooling systems. The higher the COP, the lower the operating costs will be. Aquaheat COP is 10.7. To maintain pool temperature through 95% of the summer season, the heat pump runs at 50% capacity to provide the best energy saving performance.

Aquaheat has a patent back-discharge design which eliminates noise and exhaust. The design of the back-discharge makes it super quiet, and it’s also garden friendly. The garden around your pool will remain healthy and happy, as there are no strong exhaust fumes.

The Aquaheat Intelligent Pool Heat Pump is operated by a simple touch controller, providing a seamless user experience. The controller is simple, making the system very easy to use.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 gas is used in Aquaheat pump. It’s the preferred gas to use due to its lower global warming potential. It’s an intelligent system, starting at 0 amps and steadily increasing with no rush to the household electricity. This means there will be no surge or drop to your houses power.

You can control your Aquaheat Intelligent Heat Pool Pump from anywhere with aquaheats phone App. If you forget to adjust the pool temperature before you leave the house, you can make that adjustment while you’re out so it’s ready for a swim on your return.

Pros and Cons of an Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump
  • Pro: Heat pumps run largely on air, so they are super-efficient, meaning much lower annual operating costs (lower power bills)
  • Pro: Once the pool water is heated, it runs on low power, so the impact on the environment is minimal
  • Pro: Heat pumps also cool down water, so if you live in a hot climate, this is a real benefit
  • Pro: Heat pumps last longer than gas heaters
  • Pro: Heat pumps have a consistent heating ability, as air is always available
  • Pro: You can swim all year round!
  • Pro: Any type of water can be used in your pool without worrying about the units’ lifetime
  • Con: The set-up cost of a heat pump is more than other systems

The Aquaheat intelligent pool heat pump comes in 5 different sizes to suit your custom pool specifications.
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