Olwyn – Ferny Creek


Customer resides in an area of widespread shading and also requires battery back-up capability due to frequent and extended grid power outages.

Site specifics

No. of panels:29 x LG NeON2 320W (N1K-A5)
System size:9.28kW
Inverter:SolarEdge SE6000 StorEdge Hybrid inverter
Extras:29 x SolarEdge P350 DC Optimisers & 1 x SolarEdge Modbus Meter & LG CHEM RESU 10H lithium ion battery
3 phase power:Yes

Predicted Return on Investment & savings

Predicted Carbon Avoided:11,622kg CO2 a year
Trees planted over system lifetime:13,835
Reduction in power bill:$2,881 in year 1, $72,025 in 25 years
System payback period:$10 years & 8 months
Installation date:September 2017

Customer Feedback

After visiting our home that has a number of trees throwing shade on the roof at different times of the day, Reece explained the required system.

His knowledge, professionalism and easy manner made our decision easy after consulting a few other solar installation companies. The paperwork was transparent and comprehensive; communication was exceptional, and the installation was professional.

“ Reece and his team were a delight to have working on our home! “