Gary – Boronia


Gary wanted to go with a local company with a good reputation. His roof presented some restrictions with design due to limited roof space, orientation of panels and some shading from trees and obstructions on his roof.

Site specifics

No. of panels:14 x LG NeON2 360W (LG360N1C-N5)
System size:5.04kW
Inverter:Fronius Primo 5.0-1 INT
Extras:TIGO TS4-R-O DC Optimiser on selected panels & FRONIUS Smart meter 480 – UL
3 phase power:No

Predicted Return on Investment & savings

Predicted Carbon Avoided:7,400kg CO2 per year
Trees planted over system lifetime:8,809
Estimated annual power generation:6,926kW hours
Estimated annual savings:$1,395 in year 1, $34,875 lifetime
Installation date:April 2021
System payback period:4 years & 4 months

Customer Feedback

We’re a retired couple with a 10-year plan, and late starter to the world of Solar for the house we built way back in 1985 – but what a great decision to put a dent into the 23kW we consume on average each day!

After researching what the best panels are in the market, for another project, my Woodworking Club, and seeing what a fine solution that turned out to be,  I had no hesitation in trying a similar solution for my family home.

The LG brand NEON2 demonstrated brilliant warranty and manufacturing quality.  25 years support and output assurance was hard to match by anyone else. Seeking out a reputable installation firm for LG, lead us to Total Solar Solutions in Bayswater North.

Total Solar Solutions had a number of local sites, that we could relate our enquiries to.  Their credentials and demonstrable workmanship on those projects checked out, and they were chosen for the 3-phase 15kW Club job that went together brilliantly.  So we ordered a 5kW for home.

The installation went perfectly.  Arriving as planned at 8AM, the job was done and dusted by 3PM.  14 panels spread over two north-facing corrugated steel roofs. The choice of the Fronius 5kW inverter, neatly situated on an out of the way brick wall close by the fuse box, and neat wiring throughout, all resulted in a fine installation. QA checkout by the independent Solar Consultant followed in good time, late the same day.  The system went immediately into action. The paperwork process of dealing with rebates, advice to our preferred retailer for electricity, and how the meter was enabled for the ‘time of use’ peak/off-peak and feed-in arrangements all went without a hitch.  

From physical installation on 21st April, until full metered use under the new plan by our retailer on 5th May,  all the intermediary paperwork processes worked seamlessly. The  Fronius APP information from smartphone or via computer browser, all kicked into place well, and helped us to understand the new consumption versus solar production calculations really nicely. Despite starting this project on the cusp of a really cold start to winter, here in Victoria,  we started achieving great savings from day 1.   Running the heating, dish washing, clothes washing / drying during 9-5 in the day (or off peak on weekends), saw consumption making use of our own solar generation from the panels, providing a nice costs saving.  So two benefits were realised,  off-peak rates, and solar generation to avoid the grid during daylight hours.

What was really appreciated, was the professional, and friendly approach by the Total Solar Solutions team, in the way the whole installation took place.  A team of 4 were all over the roof, inside the ceiling, cabling up the equipment, explaining the monitoring APP, and ensuring the paperwork was in order, and they left the place spotless, as if never there.   With all the tools, equipment, trucks and materials needed, it was like watching a well-oiled machine in process!  
I can’t speak highly enough of the work ethic, presentation, and communication skills of the team involved.

“ A big thank you to Kieran, Mitch, Naomi and Mitch for a great job done, under the guidance of Reece and Christine, I’m sure! “