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Solar Panels & Systems

Are there more benefits from having solar panels?

This is a no brainer, the less dependent we are on coal produced electricity the better the environment will be. As our population grows in Australia and worldwide, there is a shift to be aware of where we are headed in global warming effects. solar panels and solar power are important parts of the equation.

What is meant by ‘grid connected solar panel system’?

The solar PV system is wired into your homes switchboard. This means the power produced by the solar first goes to powered required in the home and any excess then is exported out to the grid. The power you send to the grid is bought from the energy retailer from you and applied as a credit on your electricity bill.

Why should I choose solar panels?

Solar panels lower the amount of electricity you need to buy from your power provider and any excess electricity your system produces (surplus power) is then sold back to the power provider. The other benefit is the lowering of your carbon footprint due to the production of green power.

With Australia getting more and more solar powered housing, home buyers are looking at choosing homes with some solar contribution to the ever-increasing cost of power. This goes a long way in maximising the sale price of your home or unit.

How do I organise a quote for solar power to be installed?

We can organise an informative quote that explains how the solar panels work, rebate options and a site-specific full system design. Please call us today.

Are the solar systems effective in the winter months?

The solar system will still be effective during winter months however, due to the lower hours of sunlight during winter the production will be lower. In the summer with longer days (more sunlight hours) is when surplus power is more readily produced.

Does the electrician installing the product need to be qualified?

Yes, always ask for a qualified electrician for any electrical work carried out on your home. A solar installer must be a A-Grade electrician and hold a CEC design and install accreditation as a minimum.

Are the solar panels and inverters tested for quality to both Australian standards?

At Total Solar Solutions Australia we focus on using quality solar panels and inverters. All products are listed on the Clean Energy Council approved products list and suitable for Australian conditions.

Are solar panels covered under warranty?

Yes, Total Solar Solutions uses only quality solar panels that are covered by manufacturers in Australia. Solar PV panels generally have 2 warranties, performance warranty and product warranty. These two warranties are not always the same and it is important that you research both warranties.

What is the cost to me?

In Victoria the cost of Solar PV systems is greatly subsidised. There is currently the Federal Rebate (STC Rebate) and you also may be eligible for the State Government’s Solar Homes Rebate. These incentives make the solar panel system a viable long term option.

Solar Installations

Does the price quoted include the meter and paperwork?

The price includes organising the paperwork required for the distributor to program the meter in order that you may receive the Solar Feed-in-Tariff; however it doesn’t include the cost of the distributor to program the meter. This cost can vary depending on your retailer and distributor. The meter cost is a separate one off fee to the customer. As a general rule the fee is usually less than $100 for a standard meter.

Once the system is installed is it generating electricity?

Once the electrical inspector has inspected the system and a CES is issued to your solar installer, he will turn it on for you. This now means you are generating electricity to use in your house.

We then complete the relevant documents and email to your electricity retailer (except for Citipower/PowerCor and Jemena where this is done on an online portal), we will also cc you into these documents.

Your retailer then raises a service order with your electricity distribution company, this may take up to three to eight weeks to re-configure your meter. Please contact your Electricity Retailer to check on information on their metering charges via their website or phone.

What is the meter for?

The meter is installed so that you can accurately measure how much power is used in your house and how much power is surplus that you feed back into the grid. Any power that is fed back into the grid you do get paid for by your electricity retailer. The rate which is paid varies depending on your state and whether you are eligible for a government feed-in tariff or not. Please check your electricity retailer for the feed-in tariff.

What type of inverters and panels do you use?

Please refer to our Residential Solar and Commercial Solar pages for information.

What are the warranties?

Total Solar Solutions Australia warranties a 10-year workmanship of the installation.

Inverters: The inverters come with a 5+5 warranty for Fronius inverters,10-year warranty for Enphase Micro Inverters and 12 year warranty for SolarEdge inverters. Option to extend warranties will be at the customers cost and discretion. Refer to your quote/invoice for current warranties on inverters as these may change accordingly by the manufacturer.

Panels: Most PV modules come with a standard 25-year performance warranty however product warranties for solar panels can vary greatly. Please refer to manufactures specifications and refer to our quote/invoice for current manufacturer’s warranties as these may change accordingly by the manufacturer.

What happens if I move house?

You can leave your system on the current home which will add to the market value when selling the property. Relocating solar panels from one property to another property is often not worthwhile and if you received a rebate when buying your solar power system, then the solar rebate conditions usually require that the solar system must remain at the installed location.

This means you cannot simply unscrew the solar panels and mounting system, disconnect the solar inverter and take the whole system with you. The panels have to remain with your old home.

The warranties provided in the LG Manufacturer’s warranty are transferable when the module remains installed in its original location. This means, when a customer sells their home with LG Modules installed, the new owners of the property will continue to enjoy the LG manufacturer’s warranty protection. The warranty period runs from the original date of purchase.

How do I maintain my solar panels?

It is important to maintain your solar PV system to ensure it is always working to its full potential. Ideally, a clean & maintenance check should be carried out every 12 months. Other than the fact a very few people are qualified to maintain their own system safely, and if the idea of getting on roof is daunting, please let us be of service to you.

We will carry out a thorough maintenance check of all components and wiring of the system including framing, solar panels, inverter anti-island test and clean the panels to ensure they are working at their full capacity. Contact us on 9729-0894 to arrange a maintenance schedule.

Do I need to have a pitched roof for solar?

You can have solar on a flat roof or a pitched roof. If you do have a flat roof you are looking at additional costs for a tilt frame system. This can be discussed with us during the design stage of the solar proposal.

What are the best weather conditions for solar production?

The best weather conditions are sunny but cool. For example a 20 degree day with no cloud.

What happens in rain and fog?

It doesn’t have to be sunny for your panels to work because it’s the UV rays that are used by the system. In heavy fog or overcast day it may just produce 25-30% of what it normally would.

If new technology is realised, will it make my system obsolete?

If the system has been sized properly to meet the electricity needs of your home, new technologies will not offer any advantages. Just like buying a car 5 yrs ago it’s still doing the job just a little outdated.

What size solar system do I need?

This all depends on various factors, such as roof size, the cost of your electricity bill and provision for any future electricity requirements. It also depends on what you would like to gain out of your solar system.

If the power goes out, will my solar system keep making energy?

No for safety your solar system will automatically be turned off and reset when the grid power is restored.

Is my solar system covered under my house insurance?

Most home and business insurance companies will cover the solar power electric system as part of your home or business insurance. We recommend that you call your insurance company prior to having the system installed to notify them and have it added to the insurance. In many cases this addition should not increase the premium.

Does the mounting system allow airflow under the panels to help them cool off?

It is essential that air flows underneath your panels to cool and optimise power output. Our rails and mounting systems are made out of anodised aluminium therefore they won’t rust or corrode and are very strong.

When will my meter be charged?

Once your system is installed, you have approx. a 2-3 week wait for your system to be inspected by a Licensed Electrical Inspector. We then contact your electricity retailer and distributor for them to change the meter over. This normally takes them 4 weeks approx.

How long does an installation take?

Installation for a solar PV system varies greatly as each home is different. This is usually discussed with our team during the proposal and site-inspection process. A majority of the time an installation will be 1 day however if it is a 2 day installation for a larger or more complex system we will advise you at the time of booking the installation. There are also occasions where wet weather makes it unsafe for us to complete the work on the roof and on the rare occasion this happens we will communicate directly with the customer to arrange a suitable date to return.

Why choose us?

Total Solar Solutions Australia are your trusted name in solar. Operating since 2012 we are Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer and a Register Electrical Contractor. We use only the best quality products available in Australia and our installations are completed by our inhouse team of electricians. Our focus is on quality workmanship and good old fashion Aussie customer service. If quality matters to you, then call us today.

How many systems have you installed?

Total Solar Solutions Australia have been installing solar PV systems across Victoria since 2012, these include both residential and commercial systems.

About Solar Power

PV Solar Power for Melbourne

Generally, solar power will be a great investment that can significantly reduce your power bills for decades. In fact, a 5kW solar system can save you up to around $50,000 over the 25-year life of the system and can be the single most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar PV panels produce power directly from the sun, which is free and environmentally “green” and lowers the carbon foot print of the home. Australia is ideal for residential solar panels and commercial solar power with most of the Australian continent receiving in excess of 4kwh per square metre per day and more in the north which is more than enough to be efficient.

If you’re only prepared to buy the cheapest system, then there is a good chance your solar isn’t going to prove itself to be a great investment. However, by choosing a quality solar system such as LG Solar panels it’s possible to save a significant amount of money while also reducing your carbon footprint for decades to come.

What is solar power and how it works?

Solar power is the conversion of the suns energy into electricity using Solar PV Panels and an inverter to convert the DC current generated by the solar panels into AC current. The AC current then becomes power you can use within your home. Excess power generated then is exported to the grid and sold to your energy retailer.

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