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As a worldwide leader in solar technology, LG Solar continues to hold the top spot for solar panel installation.

LG Solar Panels

Over the years, LG solar panels have gone through many improvements, from higher efficiency and longer warranties to stronger framing and increased wind loading. LG panels are top of their class, well known for their high efficiency in converting sunlight into usable energy.

On the market today, the LG NeON 2 and NeON R series provide two of the best overall performance and price on the market, and are two of the most popular products in use. With above-average efficiency, high performance, and well-priced warranties, LG products are among the best options for your solar needs.

LG Home Battery

As part of the long-established LG name, LG Chem have been pioneering lithium-ion battery technology since 1995.


The solar installer's battery of choice

Our Total Solar Solutions team of installers love installing the LG Home Battery as it is easy to install, flexible, reliable, and Australian service team. The LG Home Battery can be wall or floor mounted and is small and compact making it much easier to comply with Australian BESS Standard AS5139.

Save money

Use your stored energy at night. Reduce or abolish electricity bills then sell excess back to offset your gas bill.

Blackout ready

Power through inconvenient blackout outs. Be prepared with your own source of power and keep your home and family safe. The LG Chem RESU 10H paired with the SolarEdge StorEdge inverter is often our go to combination for customers who want the added peace of mind for blackouts and grid independence

Reduce carbon footprint

Power your life with free energy from the sun and make the future a brighter place.

Responsible Sourcing

LG Chem has a transparent material supply chain and participates in the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI).

Green Manufacturing

LG Chem strives for green manufacturing by using as much renewable energy as possible. LG Chem responds to global regulations on energy and Green House Gas reduction in a proactive manner, and minimizes Carbon Footprint.

LG Battery

What is the SolarEdge difference?


Traditional PV systems consist of PV panels wired together in a series, much like Christmas tree lights. If a single panel underperforms for any reason (cloud-cover, dust or dirt for example), the rest of the panels on that string also underperform, reducing energy production across the whole string.

In a SolarEdge installation, each PV panel is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimiser. Power optimisers maximise solar energy production from each panel separately and therefore reduce power losses.

If an individual panel underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other panels in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every panel, and exceptional safety features.

A suite of integrated smart energy solutions further maximise your energy production and energy savings.

If an individual panel underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other panels in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every panel, and exceptional safety features.

A suite of integrated smart energy solutions further maximise your energy production and energy savings.

Smart Inverter

SolarEdge – PV and So Much More

SolarEdge brings high-performance smart energy solutions to your home. Integrating power optimised solar panels with advanced smart energy management; you can save money, and power your home with green, future-ready solar technology.

Advanced Monitoring

Free, advanced monitoring tracks the performance of each of the panels in your system at all times, bringing you updates on your system performance anytime, anywhere. With standard features like panel level monitoring and yearly comparison. You can also add the optional consumption monitor to make your system smarter!

Enhanced Safety

With integrated SafeDC, whenever AC power is off, DC wires are automatically de-energised to protect installers, maintenance personnel, homeowners, firefighters, and your property.

Flexibility in design and more energy

SolarEdge optimised panels can be mixed and matched according to your available roof space, giving a more aesthetic design, more energy, and more revenue. SolarEdge power optimisers eliminate power losses to maximise your energy production.

Peace of Mind

SolarEdge power optimisers and inverters bring you added peace of mind with longer than industry standard product warranties. 25 year warranty on Power optimiser and 12 year warranty on Inverters.

Smart Inverters

Single and three phase inverters supporting every type of residential roof, from small rooftops to large, high power installations. Inverters compatible with battery storage and EV charging solutions are also available.

Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology

The SolarEdge single phase inverter with HD-Wave technology breaks the mold of traditional solar inverters. Winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award, the single phase inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers and features a standard 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years.

SolarEdge’s Innovative Inverter Topology

Because Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage management are handled separately for each solar panel by the SolarEdge power optimiser, the single phase inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a simpler, more cost effective, more reliable solar inverter. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times independent of string length and temperature.

Key Benefits of SolarEdge

  • Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers
  • 2.5kW to 10kW range
  • 99% weighted efficiency (33%-50% less losses than the market standard)
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install
  • High reliability due to lower heat dissipation
  • Advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection
  • Quick and easy inverter commissioning.
  • Standard 12-year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)
  • Built-in panel-level monitoring
  • Internet communication via built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi* connectivity
  • IP65 – suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

StorEdge Hybrid Inverter

Integrating solar with battery storage is changing the way homeowners consume energy. By storing excess solar production on a battery, homeowners can take control of their energy consumption, maximising their solar usage for greater electricity savings and energy independence.

Maximise solar usage as excess solar production is stored on a battery, for use when needed, day or night. Use battery storage to help power the home and purchase less or cheaper electricity from the grid.

The SolarEdge StorEdge inverters also gives you the ability to increase your energy independence and reduce grid reliance. Protecting homeowners from rising electricity costs and increasing grid outages.

In addition to on-grid capabilities, the StorEdge DC-coupled backup solution automatically provides homeowners with backup power during grid failures.

Unused solar power is stored in a battery and used when needed during a power outage or when solar production is insufficient to meet the household energy demand. When there is a power outage, a combination of solar and battery is used to power important loads such as the refrigerator, TV, lights and AC outlets, day or night.

Combining SolarEdge's breakthrough solar inverter technology with leading battery storage systems, the StorEdge DC-coupled solution is powered by a single inverter and offers higher energy production, advanced safety, and panel-level visibility.

SolarEdge StorEdge Hybrid Inverter Features

More Energy

  • DC-coupled solution for high system efficiency
  • Solar energy is stored directly in the battery
  • No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC
  • Panel-level power optimisation for higher energy yield

Simple Design & Installation

  • A single, smart inverter for both solar and storage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • No special wires are required — utilises the same PV cables

Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance

  • Monitor battery status, solar production, and self-consumption data from SolarEdge’s monitoring platform
  • Remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades to both inverter and battery
  • Immediate onsite verification for battery connection and configuration

Advanced Safety

  • Solar array and battery voltage designed to automatically reduce to touch-safe voltage upon AC shut down
  • Compliant with the most advanced safety regulations

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter with integrated car charger

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

Meet the World’s First 2-in-1 EV Charging Inverter. Charge Your EV with Solar Power to Maximise Your Energy Savings

Did you know, simply owning an electric vehicle is not enough to offset CO2 emissions from conventional vehicles. EV emissions are only reduced when the electricity used from charging comes from a renewable source, such as solar energy(1).

Whether you already own an EV, or may own one in the future, charging your EV with solar Energy ensures that your driving is both cost efficient and sustainable.

No EV Yet? Get Future-Ready! Install the EV charging solar inverter today, and add the cable and holder whenever you’re ready

  • Works with all EV types(*)
  • Flexible selection of connector types and cable lengths(**)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Solar inverter sizes: 5kW
  • Maximum charge current: [email protected]

(*) Based on electric vehicles widely available for sale in Australia
(**) Cable and holder are sold separately. Please contact your local SolarEdge installer for more information

Fronius Fronius


Fronius are one of the most well-known companies in the solar industry, and their string solar inverters are considered as the world’s best.

All their inverters are designed and manufactured in Austria, and their state of the art technology makes them the top choice for both installers as well as customers.

After 75 years of operation, Fronius is still a family-run company today and has been involved in the renewable energy industry since 1992 with their first inverter, the “Sunrise”, released in 1995. Presently, Fronius has over 30 international subsidiaries and sales partners all over the world.

Why Fronius String Inverters?


An integrated Datamanager ensures easy connection to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Keep an eye on your system performance using your PC, smart phone or tablet.

Less Production Loss

Fronius inverters feature highly efficient fans that lower internal temperatures. This means the system can operate smoother and limit losses in production.

Cost Efficient

Fronius inverters are cheaper and easier to install, lowering your upfront costs or reducing your system payback.

High Quality

Made in Austria, with a long history in the renewable industry, you have bankability that your Fronius inverter will last. You also have peace of mind that if you run into faults, Fronius will still be around to honour their warranties.


A long history of inverter research and development means you’re getting a product that has been designed to work as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.


Fronius has an Australia office and service centre in Tullamarine, Victoria. Fronius inverter come with a standard 5 year product warranty, plus 5 years parts warranty for a total warranty of 10 years.


Primo, Symo, Galvo and newest Gen24 Plus mean that there is a suitable option for almost every family.

Meet the Fronius GEN24 Plus

Fronius Inverters

PV Point

The integrated basic backup power supply is a power socket supplied with electricity in the event of a power outage. This allows loads to be supplied with up to 3 kW of power. The PV Point represents our low-cost backup power solution.

  • automatic activation in case of a grid outage
  • costly additional installation work is not necessary
  • supplies households with one-phase loads of up to 3 kW

Full Backup

The sophisticated backup power solution works in combination with an energy storage system and supplies 1- and 3-phase loads, such as an electric cooker or a heat pump, whenever there is sufficient energy available.

  • supplies the entire household (even three-phase loads)
  • automatic switch to backup power in the event of grid failure
  • efficient energy flows due to the Multi Flow Technology, even in backup power situations

Active Cooling

Thanks to active cooling, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers greater flexibility in terms of design and installation right from the planning stage. In addition, lower costs are incurred during operation due to less or no maintenance. Above all, however, it is the longer service life and increased yield due to better performance that speak in favour of the active cooling system:

  • longer service life
  • higher yields
  • lower maintenance costs
  • simple & flexible installation
  • flexibility in the system design

Best service on the market

Simple installation & service - Time and cost savings due to quick-release screws, push-in spring terminals and a sophisticated wall mounting system.

Commissioning: Fronius Solar.start - Quick and easy commissioning via your own smartphone or tablet in just three steps.

Upgrades possible at any time - Open interfaces make it easy to integrate third-party components such as home automation systems.

Smart monitoring with Solar.web - Monitor, analyse and compare different PV systems quickly and conveniently on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Solar.web helps you deliver the best service to your customers.

Solar.Start - The New Commissioning App

With the new Solar.start app, you can configure your device in two minutes.

  • Simple and quick start-up in just three steps
  • Automatic connection to the devices
  • Full warranty for the integration of the inverter in Solar.web
  • Use of additional Fronius solutions when completing the three steps
  • Linking to useful platforms (Solar.web/Solar.SOS, etc.)

Fronius Solar Start



At Total Solar Solutions Australia we know that solar systems are a long-term investment that you want to get right!

Don't let the little things drag you down.

Performance and Reliability are most important, and Enphase excels at both. At the same time, the Intelligence that’s built into the Enphase technology offers you the flexibility to handle whatever the future might bring—from home expansions to smart home and smart grid integration.



Whether it's a leaf, dirt, or a cloudy day, obstructions happen. All the time, to every system. With microinverters, only the individual panel is affected, while the others keep performing to their fullest. At the end of the day, that means more solar power and greater energy savings from the same panels.

String inverter systems

A string inverter system can only perform as well as its lowest-performing panel. So if shade or a pile of leaves hinders one panel's performance, every other panel operates at the same diminished capacity. That means every little obstacle has a big impact on your energy production -- and takes a bite out of your potential savings. 

When safety matters to you

Volt True

Low-voltage DC never exceeds 60 volts

DC-AC conversion happens on the panel level, so there's never any high-voltage power traveling through your system. In other words, you don't have to worry about the dangers lurking on your own roof.

Volt False

Up to 1,000 volts DC on roof

In a string inverter system, there's a lot of high-voltage electricity working its way across your roof. That comes with potential hazards to both you and your installers, including arc-faulting and fire.

Enphase Advantages


An all-AC system means no high-voltage DC power on your roof. Enphase Micro-inverters are undoubtedly the safest solar option on the market. Because we run AC cable from the roof, the cable run can usually be more discreet and easier to run inside wall cavities and give you the neatest finish.

Panel Independence

Micro-inverters operate independently, so each panel performs to its fullest. One shaded or dirty panel won’t affect the rest of the system.

Panel Level Monitoring

If you're looking for ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, Enphase makes it easy. Enphase Enlighten software gives you a real-time, in-depth view of your system production and energy consumption, so you can make smarter choices about your energy use.


Enphase micro-inverters are often the best solar inverter solution for townhouses, units and complex cable runs.

As the micro-inverters work independently of each other, they are a fantastic option on small roofs with multiple orientations as there is no minimum string lengths like a string inverter and no string inverter also means not having to find a discreet place to mount a large inverter box. The Enphase Envoy is small enough to fit into a switchboard or tidy solar sub-board.


Enphase provide a 10 year warranty on the micro-inverters as standard however the customer has the option to purchase a number of warranty extensions through their Enphase Enlighten login. The Micro-inverter warranty can be extended all the way up to 25 years!

Enphase Microinverters


Enphase IQ 7A Microinverter

The smart-grid ready Enphase IQ 7A Microinverter is the high-power variant of the seventh-generation IQ platform and is designed for 60-cell / 120-half-cell and 72-cell / 144-half-cell modules. Like the IQ 7, IQ 7+ and IQ7X, its polymeric enclosure and revolutionary cabling system simplify installation.

  • Optimized for high powered 60-cell / 120-half-cell and 72-cell / 144-half-cell modules
  • Max Output Power: 366 VA @ 230 VAC
  • Recommended PV module input power: 295-460W+
  • Operating Range : 18 V–58 V
  • 96.5% EU Efficiency

Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter

The smart-grid ready Enphase IQ 7 Microinverter series is built on the seventh-generation platform and achieves the highest efficiency for module-level power electronics. Its polymeric enclosure and revolutionary cabling system simplify installation.

  • Optimised for high powered 60-cell / 120-half-cell and 72-cell / 144-half-cell and 96-cell modules
  • More than a million hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
  • Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles

*The IQ 7+ Micro is required to support 72-cell / 144-half-cell modules

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