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Electrify My Home | Efficient Electric Home Melbourne

Electrify My Home | Efficient Electric Home Melbourne

Looking for an efficient electric home? At Electrify My Home, we’re passionate about helping the rapidly growing communities who are embracing all-electric homes as we move towards a more sustainable future. Our goal is to simplify your transition to modern home electrification by completely eliminating the need for gas, which will help lead you to a cleaner and more cost-effective way of living.

Why electrify your home?

Simply put, gas is bad news; it’s a fossil fuel that is as unhealthy as it is unsustainable. Recent studies have indicated that children who are exposed to gas cooking are at a comparable risk of asthma development as those exposed to household cigarette smoke. The same research has shown that gas cooking contributes to as much as 12% of childhood asthma cases in Australia.

Aside from the concerning immediate health risks, the upkeep of gas appliances is considerably more expensive than an all-electric set-up. As such, choosing electricity over gas offers financial advantages on two fronts; firstly, electric appliances are considerably more energy-efficient, which ultimately leads to lower operational costs. Secondly, disconnecting from the gas grid results in substantial savings, with hundreds of dollars spared from fixed supply charges alone.

This is precisely why countless Australian homes have transitioned to solar power, which is the first important step to living in a renewable future. The next step is to ditch fossil fuels such as gas, which is at once an environmentally conscious choice, as well as a terrifically proactive way to reduce your annual costs by hundreds, if not thousands.

Are you ready to take control of your energy future? If so, read on!

How to switch to electric…

The first step in making your home or office an efficient all-electric sanctuary is to head over to the Electrify My Home website, which has all the vital information you need. Once you’ve registered your info on our site, we’ll shoot you a brief questionnaire so you can let us know specifically what you’re after in terms of an electrical set-up for your home. Once we know your goals, how much you’re looking to spend, and any other relevant details about your home and/or infrastructure, we’ll be able to tailor you to a specific package that caters to your particular needs, location, and your budget. After this, one of our energy audit specialists will get in touch with you to arrange a site visit to your home, which will allow them to assess your residence and gain a comprehensive understanding of your electric specifications. Following this consultation, you will be provided with a customised electrification plan that covers every facet of your project, along with a curated list of recommended local contractors and products. Be assured Electrify My Home meticulously vets any recommended contractor associates so as to guarantee and maintain the highest possible standard of installation and products. Electrify My Home also goes to great lengths to thoroughly research any subsidies or incentives that may be relevant and accessible to your area, so your total plan will include a comprehensive compilation of every potential discount that’s available to you, in addition to a list of the top tier products and professionals who we will recommend for any required electrical work, solar installation, or plumbing. But of course, you get final say on everything before we proceed. Once you’ve signed off on the plan, we’ll see to it that your electric products are installed along with any other actions that we’ve detailed in your personalised plan. As we prize both transparency and communication. Electrify My Home will set up a shared calendar with you so that you can be fully across all schedule maintenance. Once the installation process has been completed, we’ll drop in for a one last quality check to guarantee everything is in perfect working order, and then we’ll leave you to enjoy your modern, economical, eco-friendly home.

Is it worth it? How much can you save?

The answer to this is obviously very subjective and dependent on your location but speaking broadly Australian households have the potential to reduce their annual energy expenses by a whopping $450 when they make the switch from gas to electricity. At the time of writing, gas prices are surging at a rate nearly twice that of electricity, making gas a less affordable option. This trend is particularly challenging for low-income households, especially amid rising concerns regarding the adverse effects of indoor pollution linked to gas use. So a switch from gas to all electric is gentler on the environment, your lungs, and your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we electrify our homes?

For the majority of Australians who are wanting to do more to abate the climate crisis, the transition from a combination of gas and electric appliances to an all-electric setup is a much welcomed pathway to reducing energy expenditures. The transition from gas to an all-electric home is not only a perfect way to position your home for net-zero capability and it will help you contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. As an added bonus, it will also save you money on your monthly bills, while ensuring the air in your home is not sullied by the many dangerous toxins found in household gas. It’s win/win/win.

So whether you're in the process of renovating or constructing a new home, or simply wishing to be more proactive in the climate crisis, now is the perfect time to consider adopting an energy-efficient electrical home.

What are the methods of electrification?

Complete electrification involves the replacement of every gas appliance and systems with fully electric alternatives, so the scale of what that entails may vary wildly across different homes. This entails using electric heat pumps or resistance heating for heating, electric induction cooktops and ovens for cooking, electric heat pump water heaters for hot water, electric air conditioning systems for cooling, and electric heat pump dryers for clothes drying. Additional components of electrification may include electric hot water circulation pumps, fireplaces, backup generators or battery storage, EV charging stations, energy efficiency upgrades, and the potential incorporation of solar panels for electricity generation. But again, every home is different.

How can I contact Electrify My Home Melbourne to get started?

You certainly can! If you’re looking for an all electric home in Melbourne, the first step is to get in touch with us through the Electrify My Home website.

Is it a good idea to go all electric at home?

Absolutely! Using electricity for all your cooking and temperature control contributes to improved air quality within your living space, while also reducing the monthly cost of your bills. It’s also far cleaner for the environment.

Is it better to buy electric or gas?

Electricity is a far better alternative for gas, owing to the outstanding efficiency of modern electric appliances, which not only makes them more cost-effective and eco-friendly to operate but also contributes to energy cost savings. Opting for an all-electric residence is an ideal way to modernise your home while actively participating in an urgently needed shift toward clean energy.

Are there any maintenance requirements for electric home systems?

Like any system (or for that matter, any person), electric home systems may occasionally require maintenance so as to ensure that they are functioning both efficiently and safely. The specific maintenance requirements will vary based on the type and age of the systems in your home. Feel free to chat specifics with us by getting in touch with us here.

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