Save money by installing both solar and air conditioning at the same time

As the weather is heating up, more people are starting to crank up their air conditioning. And those unfortunate enough to not have air conditioning might find themselves asking the same question they did same time last year: Should they invest in an air conditioner this time around, before the summer’s sweltering heat arrives? For […]

New Solar Homes rebate for households installing solar panels

The Victorian government has announced a new Solar Homes program to help Victorians reduce their energy bills, a scheme that is expected to see as many as 650,000 homeowners receive financial incentives for installing solar panels in Vic. The $1.24 billion program will allow Victorians to install a solar panel system for half price, and […]

Make Solar Panels Beautiful Again

In today’s world, aesthetics is a big thing. Not only do we want to look good ourselves, we also want everything we own to look good – whether it’s our dog, our car, our house, even our roof. Speaking of which, did you know that about a third of people interested in getting solar systems […]

Why do so many solar companies file for bankruptcy?

In a list compiled from the ASIC website, over 500 solar companies have gone bust, or has had action taken against them, in just the last eight years. The list which can be found here ( will leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially if you have used one of these companies. A certain […]

Invest in quality with LG solar panels

For most households and businesses, solar panels are a big investment, which we expect to use for many years. Unfortunately, these panels are just as susceptible to wear and tear which inevitably affects their performance and output in the long term. Solar panel degeneration isn’t common knowledge, but it’s important that you’re aware of it […]

LG announces 25 year parts and labour warranty on all their panels

Authorised LG installers Total Solar Solutions Australia is excited to announce that customers can now enjoy a 25 year parts and labour warranty, making it one of the longest and most robust warranties in the market. Offered on all LG solar panels, the warranty stands in stark contrast to the 10 year parts only warranty […]

New time varying FiTs to be introduced this July

Victoria’s Essential Services Commission (ESC) is all set to introduce time-varying solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs), which will be a first for Australia. Starting 1 July 2018, time-varying FiTs will be optional, with the aim to make them compulsory for all energy retailers in July 2019, allowing them enough time to make the transition. The shift […]

Insulate yourself from energy price hikes with oversized solar energy systems

Users of conventional electricity will note the increase in energy prices over the past few months. Retailers attribute this to the significant increases in wholesale energy prices. It is estimated that in 2017 alone, wholesale electricity prices have risen by approximately 55%, with retailers passing the hikes onto customers to protect their margins. Customers are […]

Why low efficient solar panels are a waste of money

Buying a less efficient solar panel now will likely result in a poor long term outcome for consumers, as it will prevent them from expanding their solar system in the future, when one needs to create more electricity for batteries and electric car. Solar panels come as a 60 cell version and a 72 cell […]

Why choose a tilted solar panel for your home?

When installing solar panels on your home, one of the things you need to consider is the tilt at which it will be installed. This may seem like a minor detail; however, it plays an important role in ensuring your solar panel system will be at its productive and efficient best. The tilt refers to […]