Unnecessary Roof Top Obstructions Limiting Solar Installations

In this edition of our regular blog, we thought we’d discuss a topic a bit out of left field. As a Melbourne based company currently recognised to be setting the benchmark for the neatest solar installations, we have always been at the forefront of technology, and have a very close finger on the renewables industry […]

Total Solar Solutions Australia chosen as a Platinum Energy Specialist

Total Solar Solutions Australia has been appointed to the new highest category LG Solar Partner, being the LG Platinum Authorised Energy Partner for 2019. LG Solar, the solar division of LG Electronics, has chosen less than 30 companies across Australia to join their Platinum Energy Specialist category in their 80 partner strong solar network. Total […]

String inverters vs micro inverters vs DC optimisers

When choosing a solar system, one of the key things you have to decide on (or get advice on from an expert) is the type of inverter to install. The inverter is a critical component of the solar system, as it not only converts direct current (DC) energy generated by the solar panels into usable […]

Why you should use a consumption monitoring system

Most people turn to solar systems because they want to cut down on their electricity costs. But then they become disappointed when they receive the bill only to find out that it is still relatively high. Firstly, you need to understand how solar power works. The solar cells generate electricity when the sun is out, […]

Save money by installing both solar and air conditioning at the same time

As the weather is heating up, more people are starting to crank up their air conditioning. And those unfortunate enough to not have air conditioning might find themselves asking the same question they did same time last year: Should they invest in an air conditioner this time around, before the summer’s sweltering heat arrives? For […]

New Solar Homes rebate for households installing solar panels

The Victorian government has announced a new Solar Homes program to help Victorians reduce their energy bills, a scheme that is expected to see as many as 650,000 homeowners receive financial incentives for installing solar panels in Vic. The $1.24 billion program will allow Victorians to install a solar panel system for half price, and […]

Make Solar Panels Beautiful Again

In today’s world, aesthetics is a big thing. Not only do we want to look good ourselves, we also want everything we own to look good – whether it’s our dog, our car, our house, even our roof. Speaking of which, did you know that about a third of people interested in getting solar systems […]

Why do so many solar companies file for bankruptcy?

In a list compiled from the ASIC website, over 500 solar companies have gone bust, or has had action taken against them, in just the last eight years. The list which can be found here (https://bit.ly/2ObPF2a) will leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially if you have used one of these companies. A certain […]

Invest in quality with LG solar panels

For most households and businesses, solar panels are a big investment, which we expect to use for many years. Unfortunately, these panels are just as susceptible to wear and tear which inevitably affects their performance and output in the long term. Solar panel degeneration isn’t common knowledge, but it’s important that you’re aware of it […]