Thank You LG Solar

Last week marked an unexpected loss for the solar industry as LG Electronics announced the decision to end solar panel production and sales during the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Following the announcement, LG Managing Director Dan Lim said:

“LG Electronics Inc. (LG) has been closely evaluating the future direction of the LG solar panel business from the perspective of the company’s overall business portfolio, remaining open to all possibilities. After a careful review of all possible options, LG has announced it is closing the solar module production and sales business.”

“The decision comes as uncertainties in the global solar power market continue to increase due to a variety of contributing factors, including the intensification of price competition and the rising cost of raw materials.”

Total Solar Solutions Australia are proud to have offered LG solar panels to customers since June 2013. LG Solar have continued to produce top quality panels year-on-year, and invested heavily in research and development, that has kept them at the forefront of the industry for a long time.

In response to the announcement, Total Solar Director Reece Kennedy commented:

“While it is disappointing to see what I believe to be the best solar panel on the Australian market close production, I am extremely proud of what LG Solar and Total Solar Solutions Australia have achieved together over the last 9 years.

Together, we strived for quality, reliability and longevity and I think we did that. In 9 years, I have never replaced an LG solar panel under warranty and am confident that LG Electronics will be there to provide reliable warranty support in the future.”

LG’s Australian General Manager of Solar & Energy Gus Paviani confirmed that, “LG Electronics Australia will continue to provide warranty and after sales support for LG solar panels for the warranty period and in accordance with applicable regulations.”

While Total Solar Solutions Australia acknowledges this is a big loss for customers and the industry alike, we respect LG Electronics for making this difficult decision. We also would like to take the opportunity to thank the LG Solar team for their support and assistance over the years. We particularly would like to acknowledge Gus, Jabin, Anthony, Andre, Manasa & Danni.

Total Solar Solutions Australia has a limited amount of stock available for customers wanting to secure LG solar panels for their home, with confidence of quality, warranty support and reliability for the future.