Solar Panel Power: LG NeONs Get CSIRO Tested

Recently, Choice magazine executed independent testing by the CSIRO and confirmed the fantastic output of LG NeONs. This is amazing news for solar enthusiasts and home owners across Australia, as it adds to the already impressive list of qualifications held by the LG NeON solar line.

Fifteen panels were purchased and flash tested by choice. LG NeON products were given the best flash test result. Choice also released information on the results of the output comparison – for the first time ever – and, again, LG NeON wins out. With a 300W score NeON was the highest, gaining Rank 1 for output.

If those accolades weren’t enough, there’s more. LG NeON panels were the only solar panels rated “excellent performance”. It’s official: the NeON panels are in a class all their own.

LG’s internal testing has rated the LG NeON300W as 1.5% below the newer LG NeON2 315W. Unfortunately, the NeON2 models were not yet available at the time of Choice’s “blind buy”. Going by LGs process, the NeON2 would have scored even better. Either way, NeON shines as a clear choice.

Choice maintains a professional NATA-accredited lab and tests in-house as well as with partner CSIRO PV Performance Laboratory. They utilise the expertise of scientists and solar professionals to ensure their tests are as rigorous and accurate as possible.

The testing process involves multiple phases, starting with Indoor lab tests. An electroluminescence test is executed to identify cracks and flaws in the panel that would not be visible to human eyes. Flash testing determines a panel’s power output when the panel is brand new.

After indoor testing, the panels are mounted at CSIRO’s outdoor facilities. Relevant data is recorded every 10 minutes for analyses. The current results are from the three month milestone, with additional reports to come. The final report will be released after the panels have been tested for a full year.

Choice backs up their research, with a report to be found through their website. We expect the LG NeON to continue the pace and stay ahead in this competition, ultimately to win each benchmark including those of the final report.

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