rates LG 300 N1C-B3 as the best solar panel – an independent, transparent and trusted website has rated the LG 300 N1C- B3 as the best solar panel for homes. As a part of the long term research in partnership with CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, NSW, they tested 15 panels from leading brands.

The LG 300 N1C-B3 received a Choice score of 93%, which is the highest a brand has received. The positive points observed included excellent performance in first 3 months without any short comings. The research included all popular models that are available at the retailers.

The first stage of the test was an indoor lab test which aimed to identify any cracks or flaws in the panels which is not visible to customers easily. Post that a visual inspection is performed followed by a process known as flash testing. Flash testing determines the power output of the panel which is brand new. This test can verify if the various branded panels actually produce the amount of power they claim. In case of the LG 300 N1C-B3, the claimed normal power (w) was 300 and the measured power (w) was 306.8.

Finally, the outdoor tests were conducted which shows how the panels will perform in real world conditions. This includes a detailed report of how the panel would perform in different weather and sunlight conditions.

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