Save money by installing both solar and air conditioning at the same time

As the weather is heating up, more people are starting to crank up their air conditioning. And those unfortunate enough to not have air conditioning might find themselves asking the same question they did same time last year:

Should they invest in an air conditioner this time around, before the summer’s sweltering heat arrives?

For those who are lucky enough to have both air conditioning and a solar system, they know how fantastic it is to be able to fire up the cooling system without having to stress about their power bills. A solar system will always make more power through the summer months anyway, so it is a great opportunity to use their own self-generated power to fire up the air conditioners and cool their homes, rather than feed all that excess solar power back to the grid.

With the new Victorian Solar Homes Rebate available, many are considering getting a solar system. Well, if you do not currently have air conditioning, it might be a great opportunity to get both a high quality solar system AND a quality air conditioner (or two) installed at the same time.

Most companies offering solar systems are only able to install solar, but some reputable installers, like us at Total Solar Solutions, offer not just solar but air conditioners as well, and our highly qualified staff are experienced in installing both.

A solar installation requires installing power cables and conduits through the roof, and pulling apart the switchboard to add circuit breakers to your switchboard. The same is true for installing a split system air conditioner. Which means, you can ask us for a discounted deal by having us install both the solar system and air conditioner at the same time, since we are already having to run cables through the roof and open up your switchboard. Makes a lot of sense!

Now you will not only benefit from the fantastic savings a high quality solar system can provide, but you can also enjoy the summer months by staying cool in your home, without the bill worries normally associated with running air conditioning.

Have a chat with Total Solar Solutions today! We are an authorised installer for both LG solar panels and LG air conditioners, both products that come with the best warranties and efficiencies in the market.

The new WH range of LG split systems now come with built-in WiFi, which not only allows you to control your air conditioners remotely from your phone, but even provides you with live power usage figures and remote diagnostics. And, they are very efficient. A new WH range 7.1kW LG split system uses only 1890W of power, whilst an MSZ series Mitsubishi 7.1kW split system by comparison uses 2112W. This makes the LG split system 12% more efficient than the Mitsubishi unit.

Now is the best time to get a high quality solar system installed and sort out your air conditioning at the same time. To make things even easier for you, Total Solar Solutions has a finance solution that allows you to include the cost of the air conditioner along with the solar system on your repayments.

What are you waiting for? Talk to us today!