5 Reasons We Love Enphase Micro Inverters

Founded in 2006, Enphase is considered the world’s leading micro inverter manufacturer. The US company has a solid track record with low failure rate, and is known for their high quality products, good service, as well as advanced system monitoring. The Enphase Enlighten software platform, for example, allows owners and installers to view system statistics and energy production, and is regarded as one of the best energy monitoring platforms in the industry.

Here are five reasons why we love Enphase micro inverters:

Individual panels

String inverters are usually located on a wall away from the solar panels, and are connected through a DC cable. Micro inverters, on the other hand, are attached to each individual solar panel. There are a few benefits to this – firstly, each panel works independently and converts DC power to AC immediately on the roof. Secondly, if one of the panels or one of the micro inverters becomes faulty, the rest of the system will not be affected and can continue to be operational.


In the micro inverter system, panels convert DC power to AC immediately on the roof, making it much safer than other inverter systems. This is because faults on high voltage DC circuits can result in a dangerous arc if a cable is damaged, and DC arcs are usually the main cause of potential solar system fires. However, it is still important to note that fire from any solar systems is very unlikely, and when installed correctly with high quality components, solar systems are very safe.

Panel level monitoring

Micro inverters allow the homeowner to not only view the performance of the system as a whole, but also monitor each panel individually. In addition to that, the installer is also able to monitor the system through a separate login, and will receive a warning if there are any technical issues or underperforming panels. The installer may also be able to fix the issue remotely, saving time and preventing prolonged system downtime.

Installer friendly

Enphase has designed their components to be easy and quick to install, which means less time to be spent on the installation and more time to enjoy the system. Also, micro inverter systems are expandable, allowing owners the option to add as many panels as they like at a later time. And because there is no need to match the new panels to the existing ones already installed, owners can enjoy new technologies (if any) in the micro inverter system over the next few years.

Multiple orientations

Another great thing about a micro inverter system is that it allows solar panels to be installed on complex roofs with different orientations and varying tilt angles. String inverter system requires solar panels to be on the same orientation as they all combine to produce the voltage together. Micro inverters, on the other hand, operate individually, and so they can be oriented in any direction without affecting the other panels. This allows panels to be installed on multiple roof areas that face different directions to generate the best result.

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