Primo SnapINverter The Next Level of Single Phase Inverter

Primo SnapINverter

The Fronius Primo, single phase inverter comes with wide voltage range & dynamic peak manager.
Available in extensive range power categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW.
Like the rest of the SnapINverter range the Fronius Primo is Smarter, Lighter and More Flexible.
Enjoy free lifetime monitoring with all of Fronius SnapINverter.

Fronius Primo SnapINverter2

Communication with the end user, installer / service agent, as well as appliances and the grid.
/ WLAN monitoring / Energy management function
/ Smart Grid Ready
/ Open data communication
/ Proactive Service Ready

Saving time and cost with light weight and clever design.
/ Light weight
/ Low installation cost
/ Quick installation
/ Easy servicing
/ AS/NZS 4777 & 5033 compliant DC isolator

Maximum flexibility in system design of today and tomorrow.
/ Smart Grid Ready
/ Superflex Technology
/ Future upgradeability to AC coupled Fronius Solar Battery solution

Fronius Primo SnapINverter3

Fronius Smart Energy Package
The Fronius Primo Smart Package consists of the Fronius Primo and the Fronius Smart Meter.

Fronius Smart Meter
The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter which gives a clear overview of power consumption, feed-in and surplus energy and records the household’s load curve (black data). Used in the Fronius Primo Smart Package it can coordinate various energy flows optimising self-consumption.

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