LG Solar Panels – Reliable, Durable & Effective

LG solar panels are are considered to be one of the most effective & durable by our customers globally. Products like LG MonoX2 and LG Neon 2 use cutting edge technology to provide consistent output in even the toughest weather conditions.

The reasons behind it is the extensive research that LG does before the products are ready. LG solar panels are built to a very high quality standard. The solar panels are tested rigorously during design and production processes and every part is studied in detail. All input materials for panels – from aluminium, to glass & silicon – undergo regular quality control processes. This quality control process, is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

The LG solar panels go through a process known as the extensive module testing which takes 4 times longer as compared to other solar panels which are tested by international standards of testing. Additionally, LG ensures all its panels are made to be identical so the allowable variances are minimal. This helps in a big way to ensure the output does not differ. More than 500 quality control processes and tests applied to every module to ensure the highest grade product reaches the customer.

The LG solar panels also come with enhanced durability. The panels are built to endure static front load of up to 6000Pa and rear load up of up to 5400Pa. This is considered to be the industry best as compared to other available solar panels. Additionally, the LG solar panels can withstand a wind load of 5400 Pa which is equivalent to 335 km/hr wind velocity.

The result of this extensive tests is overwhelming customer satisfaction. To put it in perspective, In Australia there were 270,000 LG solar panels that were installed between 2011 & April 2016. From this massive number of solar panels, till date only 2 panels have been returned due to a minor fault. Globally, the return rate is less than 10 in 1 million. These figures further reiterate how effective and credible the LG solar panels are.

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