Latest Updates on the Victorian Solar Homes Rebates

The State Government has announced a $797 million Household Energy Savings Package to help Victorian families and businesses cover their rising electricity costs, gain access to solar, and make their properties more energy efficient.

This enormous package includes $191 million to extend the Solar Homes program, providing up to 42,000 additional rebates over a four-year period.

A total of 140,000 households will be able to enjoy solar PV rebates, allowing them to install solar panels with no upfront cost over the next two years. 65,000 solar PV rebates will be made available this year.

To assist Victorian small businesses, 15,000 solar PV rebates will be available over the next three years. Further details about the eligibility criteria for the Solar for Small Business Program will be released early next year.

The State Budget package also includes 17,500 solar battery rebates over the next three years. The postcode eligibility requirements will be removed to allow every single household the opportunity to apply for the rebate. To start off, 5,000 battery rebates will be made available in 2020-21, and subsequent rebates released fortnightly in line with the current schedule of rebate release dates.

Besides that, $335 million will be invested into helping 250,000 low income and vulnerable households replace and upgrade their old, wood or electrical heaters to more energy efficient heating and cooling appliances.

Another $112 million will be used to improve energy efficiency at social housing properties, including upgrading heating, cooling and hot water systems. The state government will work with welfare organisations to identify those with the greatest needs who are eligible for this.

The package also includes funding to put into place minimum efficiency standards for rental properties, as part of efforts to have a minimum 7-star efficiency standards for all new homes in Victoria.

This significant investment comes in a time when many households and businesses are trying to recover from the economic impact due to a months-long shut down in response to Covid. It will also give many households and businesses who have been contemplating solar systems access to better quality solar PV panels and batteries at a lower cost.

To find out more about how these rebates may benefit you, please contact the Total Solar Solutions team directly.