Is Abbott Coming Around?

The Solar Council “Save Solar” campaign is really starting to bite the Federal government.

Following enormous success in Queensland, and with the NSW State election due in just over 6 weeks, there are early signs the government may be starting to move.

Media reporting today indicates that the government may, for the first time, be serious about winding back there ideological opposition to the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

With 86% of Australians supporting, (or wanting to expand) the existing Renewable Energy Target (RET), it is about time.

For a conservative government the fight against the RET has been a massive own goal.

Millions of conservative voters are angry and want the government to shift their position.

The Australian Solar Council has been consistent right from the start:

Australians want more solar, not less; and
the Government has not made any case for cutting the RET

But this government has a long history of shooting itself in the foot.

We would not put it past the Abbott government to make a bad political situation worse, as it tries to shake off the RET debacle.

The Government and the ALP must keep their election promises and support the existing Renewable Energy Target.

We will continue to ramp up the Save Solar Campaign, and will roll on until Australia has sensible solar policy.

We will win this campaign. It is inevitable. No government can stand in the way of the future.

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