Buy your solar panels and inverters now for the best bargains

When it comes to bigger investments such as installing solar energy systems, it’s most common to put off the purchase till a time when prices would be at an all-time low, making the it a marginally less expensive buy. Since 2011, the Australian government has been offering small scale technology certificates (STCs) as part of the Australia Renewable Energy Target to customers, which are quite similar to government rebates. However, the number of STCs offered by the Australian Clean Energy Regulator are all set to be reduced after 31 December this year, making now the best time to buy solar panels and inverters.

LG 2.88kW LG NeON X2 320W

STCs were first introduced in Australia to encourage people to switch to solar energy systems. The number of STCs received for a system varies based on the estimated volume of electricity they would generate. The STCs are distributed in advance when the system is being installed, hence the cost of rooftop solar panel and inverters is substantially lowered at the time of purchase and installation itself. The number of STCs received will gradually decrease 2018 onwards and will be phased out completely by 2030.

With the chances of a drastic decrease in the prices of solar panels and inverters in the future being slim, those looking to buy panels and inverters should do so at the soonest to enjoy attractive prices. Even if the prices of solar panels and inverters lowers in 2018, the government rebates will still have reduced. In effect, the purchase would still be a costly one.

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