Maintenance tips for your Solar Panels

Have you recently installed a Solar Panel in your house?  Effectively maintaining the solar panels can help increase the output & shelf life of the panels. But this can be tricky. The Solar Panels are designed to work for long periods & are completely automated. As a result of this, identifying a problem with the solar panels is not an easy process.

Here are some expert tips on how to effectively maintain Solar Panels.


1. Ensure the Solar Panels are not in the shade

It is always good to keep checking your solar panels once every few weeks. The panels could be facing some shade as a result of growing branch or some construction nearby. This could reduce the productivity of solar panel and also damage it in the long run. If possible, try trimming the branch which can reduce the shade or consult an expert if the panels need to be moved to another spot. After all, even if 1/4 of the panel is shaded, you’re not just losing 1/4 of the output for that panel, but you’re likely losing more than half of the output.

2. Clean the Solar Panels

Solar Panels are generally self-cleaning. But depending on the location you live in & the climate, there could be many factors like dust, construction material and bird droppings which could build up over time. This can lead to a reduction of electricity generated. While some locations will require the panels to be cleaned regularly, other locations could require the cleaning less often.

Cleaning the solar panels can be tricky. The objective is to get the panel glass as clean and clear as possible. Try not to scratch the glass, as that will damage the solar panel. If the solar panels are cleaned regularly, the effort required to clean it would be less. Running the hose over them can also do the job. But if there is some built up dirt or dust on the panels, it will require some cleaning with a soft cloth. Any kind of soap or material which can damage the panels should be avoided.

3. Check the panels once in a while

The solar panels do not need an in-depth examination regularly. But it is recommended to check for any wear and tear or any electric faults once in a while. Reading the manual & understanding how to spot an error would help save money in the future. For example – Checking the inverter display regularly can indicate if the system is working fine. If you notice anything abnormal, ensure you call the experts. After all, most of the solar panels come with a long term warranty, so don’t worry too much.

4. Record & analyse the performance

If you are interested in analysing how effective the solar panels are, a good way to start is by measuring & recording the output on a daily basis. If the weather changes drastically & there is a reduction in sunlight, make a note along with the readings of those specific days. This will give you a good estimate of how effective the solar panels are. There are also many apps & monitoring systems that could help in the analysis & make it less time consuming.

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