Labor Signs up to 50 Percent Renewable Target by 2030

Solar Council was working hard fighting for solar and it had some great wins recently. Good news is that Labor Signs up to 50% Renewable Target. Solar Council called on all political parties to back a policy of ‘at least’ 50% renewables by 2030.

Straight away it was signed by the Greens and Labor has signed on too at their national conference. This is a big news for solar industry and great news for solar business. 50% renewables by 2030 means much more solar right across Australia. This is the result of over a year’s work at the Solar Council Australia.

The Labor leadership, and experienced reporters describe the movement as one of the most successful campaigns they have ever seen, which is absolutely a team work.

Solar Council is now working with federal shadow ministers, state premiers, energy ministers and opposition leaders, to assist them implement good solar and energy storage policy. Solar Council members will directly help shape solar policy across Australia.

The Solar Council held a extensively fruitful Save Solar Forum at the ALP National Conference, the 8th Save Solar Forum. The room was absolutely packed and out the doors with all speakers showing enthusiasm to ensure programs were rolled out across Australia to increase solar jobs and solar business opportunities.

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