How can Solar Energy help save money?

Thinking of adding value to your home with a new solar energy system? Solar Power has become popular over the past few years because of the demand for clean energy & the rising costs of electricity. Being one of the countries which receive an abundant source of sunlight, the demand for solar panels in Australia is high.

Here are some facts which will help you make a quick decision.

The basics of how it works?

Simply put, solar panels can generate electricity from sunlight. The most common type of solar photovoltaic (PV) system used on rooftops is a grid-connected system. Rooftop solar panels are installed with an inverter that converts solar power from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). The house connected to it, can use the solar system as its primary power source and rely on the grid (your power company) as a back-up. If the amount of power generated is more than that of the consumption levels, the extra power can be stored in a battery storage unit. Through this, the stored power can be drawn at night, or when there is extra demand for electricity. Note – The battery storage unit requires an additional investment.

What are the benefits? 

Installing a solar PV system on your home rooftops can ensure that the electricity bills reduce over time. Additionally, a household can earn a feed-in tariff when the power that is generated from the solar PV system is fed into the grid. The tariff earned will depend on the rates applicable in your state & by your electricity retailer.

How to get started?

Ready to make the most of Solar Energy? You need to contact a solar panel installer who will be able to suggest the specifications of the solar panel that you should invest in. This depends on multiple factors which include your power usage, location & budget. You need to pay a one-time cost for the installation of the solar panels on the rooftop. If required there are also some finance options available for the installation.

That’s all! So what are your waiting for? Start saving money & do your bit for the environment by getting a free quote today!

Solar Panels Melbourne & all across Australia.

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