Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016

Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016 will be held on 23-25 February 2015 at Sydney Boulevard Hotel, Australia to discuss storage technology, economics, policy and implications for Australian energy markets.

High tech energy system by Turnbull government sees storage as key to GHG reduction and decreasing electricity prices. Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt has put energy storage front and centre in his facelift of the Department of the Environment into a mega department including the recently formed Office of Climate Change and Renewables Innovation.
With an improved focus on energy storage technology at a federal level, quickly falling costs and growing adoption rates, it is important for all participants to get to hold with the shifting realities of storage economics, strategy and commercial opportunities.

One of the speakers at the upcoming Electricity Storage Future Forum will be Phil Mackey, General Manager Solar and Emerging Businesses for Origin Energy. Phil said that “It is very early in the evolution of storage as a major contributor to the way we manage energy, but the revolution in solar that occurred over the last decade has demonstrated how quickly a new technology can fundamentally change the shape of energy markets.” He said the question to examine then is: “Will the combination of distributed solar and batteries be the next wave of change?”

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