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Thank you for contacting us. We value your interest and will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Please be aware that due to the very large volume of enquiries we receive, and being a small but high quality local company with limited staff, it is not always possible for us to get back to you within a short time frame. We apologise in advance if this happens to be the case.  

In the mean time, while you are patiently waiting for us to attend to your enquiry, please take a moment to download and read the documents you will see linked to on the red tab to the right of the screen, as you will find the information to be highly valuable in helping you to understand solar, and why it is important to choose quality products installed by a reputable company, over cheap products installed by companies that don’t care.

If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please call our office on 03 9729 0894. Thank you for your patience…. The wait will be worth it!

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