In today’s world, aesthetics is a big thing. Not only do we want to look good ourselves, we also want everything we own to look good – whether it’s our dog, our car, our house, even our roof.
Speaking of which, did you know that about a third of people interested in getting solar systems are worried about how the panels would look on their roofs?

We can sympathise with that sentiment. We often drive around and see systems installed by other less than reputable companies, and question the sloppy installation and poor workmanship associated with the job, not to mention the ugly solar panels themselves, not at all designed with aesthetics in mind.

Below are a few examples of poorly installed systems with ugly solar panels:



If you are considering going green, but you see solar systems in your street looking like these, no one can blame you for getting cold feet.

The good news is, there is hope.

You can have a solar system without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

As Melbourne’s most reputable and fastidious installer, we take great care and pride to install solar systems as neatly as possible, to make sure it has the best possible aesthetic appearance.

First of all, our LG solar panels are not only the best performing panels on the market, but they also look the best, with all of them designed with black frames, black cells, and a high quality finish. When they are installed properly and neatly, they can actually look pretty good up on your roof.

Consider the following installations by Total Solar Solutions using the high spec LG solar panels:




So, don’t let an ugly solar system you’ve seen down the road deter you from going solar. You just need to make sure you engage a high quality installer like Total Solar Solutions, and opt for the more aesthetically designed high performance solar panels like those manufactured by LG.