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Got questions about Solar? We’ve got the answers.

Are there more benefits from having solar panels?

This is a no brainer, the less dependent we are on coal produced electricity the better the environment will be. As our population grows in Australia and worldwide, there is a shift to be aware of where we are headed in global warming effects. solar panels and solar power are important parts of the equation.

What is meant by ‘grid connected solar panel system’?

Your power that is produced feeds into the power grid, when excess power is produced it actually makes the meter go backwards. This off sets the price you pay for electricity against the price you are paid for putting your surplus electricity into the grid, which means lower prices for you in running your home. The more power your home produces the less the electricity bill.

Why should i choose solar panels?

Solar panels lower the amount of electricity you need to buy from your power provider, any excess electricity your system produces (surplus power) is sold back to the power provider, this is at a higher rate than what you pay for standard electricity. The other benefit is the lowering of you carbon foot print due to the production of green power.

With Australia getting more and more solar powered housing, home buyers are looking at choosing homes with some solar contribution to the ever increasing cost of power. This goes a long way in maximising the sale price of your home or unit.

I want to organise a quote for solar power to be installed?

We can organise an informative quote that explains how the power panels work, your choices and rebate options. Everything is explained and references are available. Please call us today.

Are the solar systems effective in the winter months?

Yes, due to the lower hours of sunlight during winter there is an effect however by installing the units correctly and Solar Photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat, you will not notice the difference. In the summer with longer hour is when surplus power is more readily produced.

Does the electrician installing the product be need to be qualified?

Yes, always ask for a qualified electrician on any electrical work carried out on your home.

Are the solar panels and inverters tested for quality to both Australian standards?

Yes. Because we use leading suppliers of solar panels and solar power equipment they are made to exceed Australian standards.

If my Unit is damaged or vandalised, what do i do?

Call Total Solar Solutions Australia immediately on 1300 486 825 or 0433 465 919 or fill in our online enquiry form below and we will contact you.

Do i have a warranty for the solar panel unit?

Yes, Total Solar Solutions uses only leading panel and solar power equipment manufacturers in Australia. All these manufacturers have various warrantees that are best practice quality.

What roof space is required to fit a solar power system?

Depending on the size of the system installed. For example, a 1.5Kw system requires about 12m2 of roof space. This should be on an un-shaded and preferably a north-facing part of the roof. Most roof area in Australia is well above what is needed.

What is the cost to me?

Due to the Government Solar Credits scheme the cost to the customer is greatly subsidised. These incentives make the solar panel system a viable long term option.

Have more questions? Browse our Knowledge base on Solar.

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