Turnbull Turns Heads at UN Climate Conference

Turnbull talks solar at UN Climate Conference
The United Nations Climate Conference 2015 is underway, with world leaders and representatives from over 100 countries meeting on issues related to the environment and sustainable futures. Solar energy is always an important topic at UN climate summits and this year is no exception.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull received much applause due to powerful statements he made at the conference regarding solar energy. He spoke of the University of NSW and its solar power research, reinforcing forecasts regarding Australian solar cell technology. In the Prime Minister’s words: “… by 2018 over 60% of the world’s solar cells are to use technology developed by Australian researchers.”

The proud statements and support of Prime Minister Turnbull are welcome amongst scientists and consumers in Australia. More and more world leaders are turning their attention skyward to provide energy to their people, making solar energy a positive global trend and sound investment for all.

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