Reduced Vic Solar PV Rebate from July 2020

The Victorian government has confirmed that the solar and battery rebates will continue until the end of this year. However, the solar panel rebate has been reduced slightly from $1,888 to $1,850, effective from July 1st, 2020.

Even though reduced, the rebate still provides a great opportunity to eligible households that want to invest in a better quality solar system that is safe, efficient and durable.

Victorian households can also still apply for an interest-free loan that will match the amount equivalent to their rebate amount. Available for most solar panel applications, this interest-free loan can be applied up to $1,850.

This means, if your total system costs less than $3,700 and you receive both the solar rebate and the interest-free loan, you will not need to pay any upfront cost. The loan will need to be repaid either by instalments over four years, or in one lump sum.

To apply for the solar panel rebate, the solar PV modules must be on the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Product List, as well as be from a brand that is participating in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative (SPV).

The SPV is essentially in place to help protect consumers from low quality panels, and also to preserve the reputation of installers and manufacturers. The SPV makes it easy to check and confirm that the solar panels meet Australian standards for quality and performance, are supported by manufacturer warranties, and qualify for small-scale technology certificates.

Many major solar panel brands are participating in the SPV, including LG Electronics and SolarEdge.

To be eligible for the rebate, you need to be a Victorian owner-occupier of your property. Your household must have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000, and a property valued at less than $3 million. You should also not have an existing solar panel system installed on your home.

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