Benefits of Solar Batteries for Your Home

Benefits of Solar Batteries for Your Home

The Victorian state government is set to provide half price solar batteries for 10,000 households from 2020, as part of its Solar Homes initiative. These batteries will be supplied to households that already have solar installations, and will help eligible homeowners save more than $4,000 on their solar battery installation.

So, what are solar batteries and how do they work?

A solar battery works pretty much like how normal batteries work – they store energy within. Solar batteries help you make the most of your solar system by saving the extra energy produced for rainy days. Literally.

Some benefits of having solar batteries for your home:

Fully utilise your solar power

A standard solar system is plugged into the grid, and if your panels do not produce enough energy, your home gets the additional power it needs from the grid. When you use power from the grid, you pay for it like you would if you didn’t have any solar system. On the other hand, if you produce more power than you use, it goes back into the grid, and you get a bit of a rebate from your energy provider. With a battery, however, you will be able to store the excess power generated instead of sending it back to the grid, and use it whenever you need it – during cloudy days or at night, or even during power outages.

Lower energy bills

Many energy providers in Australia offer time-of-use tariffs, and these tariffs charge a premium for energy during peak times. When you have a solar battery, you are able to store energy at non-peak times and use it during peak times, lowering your power bills.

Backup power

If you have a standard solar panel system, you will still lose power during a power outage because of the way the panels are connected to the grid.  This is why solar battery systems are especially useful if you live in an area where the grid is sometimes unstable. In the event of a blackout, battery systems can power your home for hours.

solar batteries

LG Chem high voltage batteries

LG Chem has recently released a range of high voltage batteries, including the RESU 10H models, which are compatible with the best inverter brands in the market.

The RESU is compact and lightweight, and it is designed to allow wall-mounted or floor standing installation. It is suitable for both for both indoor and outdoor applications, although it’s better to install the battery out of direct sunlight. The inverter connections have also been simplified to reduce installation time and costs.

The RESU 10H does not have a cooling fan, which means these batteries are very quiet and will not be a noisy nuisance. They rely on natural convection from its metal case for to cool down instead.

It also features continuous power and DC round-trip efficiency. Due to its higher power, more appliances can be operated at the same time without tripping the system.

With LG Chem’s lamination and stacking technology, the RESU provides greater durability, ensuring 80% of capacity retention even after 10 years.

The RESU 10H has 9.8 kWh of total energy (8.8 usable), but if you need more storage capacity, you can expand the system by adding another RESU battery.

To find out more about the LG Chem RESU batteries, or if you are looking for the right solar system for your home, contact Total Solar Solutions at 03 9729 0894 or email [email protected] today.